Original Equipment Tires vs Aftermarket Tires

Has your vehicle's newYour Tire Rack Team car smell worn off? Do your Original Equipment tires need to be replaced? While it may not be easy to duplicate that unique new car scent, you can return much of your vehicle's original ride, handling and grip by replacing all four tires. You can go the simple route and replace your tires with the same brand and model that came on the car or shop the myriad of other tire options available on the market.

Advantages to replacing with Original Equipment tires:

  • The familiarity with these tires. You already know how your Original Equipment tires ride, handle, perform and wear. There are no surprises as to what you're going to get. 
  • Original Equipment tires have the correct load capacity and speed rating for your car. There's no guesswork or concerns the tires you purchase will be inappropriate for your vehicle

Advantages to replacing with aftermarket tires:

  • You can decide what tire characteristics are most important to you. Whether you would like a tire with improved handling, a better ride or longer wear than your original tires, you can choose aftermarket tires that do what you want them to do. 
  • Get the latest technology. Tire technology moves quickly and manufacturers are constantly improving their tire designs. The latest tires have better performance and longer life than tires designed just a few years ago.  

Which aftermarket tires work best for you? If you're looking for the longest treadlife, take a look at "Best Tire Brands for Long Treadwear."

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