New LM60 Bridgestone Blizzak Snow tires

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Whats new?

The popular Bridgestone Blizzak LM25 is being replaced with the new Blizzak LM60


What has changed? 

While the old Blizzak LM25 was a great snow tire, the the redesigned LM60 is moving the balance closer to the snow traction side of the equation by using the more aggressive tread pattern of the Blizzak WS60 but with a compound and construction of a high performance snow tire like the old LM25.

What does this mean to me? 

The end result will be noticeably improved snow and ice traction over the LM25 with only a small sacrifice in steering response and dry cornering.

This tire will be an great choice for someone having trouble deciding between the high performance snow tires that sacrifice a lot of snow traction and the Q/R rated snow tires that trade off too much in handling and dry grip.

I feel the LM60 ideally suits many drivers needs for an ideal balance of snow/ice traction while still keeping acceptable dry handling and grip for the non-snowy days.

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