New Finish Now Available for Value-Priced BBS SR

With over thirty years of experience, BBS produces some of the highest quality motorsport and street wheels on the market. BBS wheels are famous for their robust designs and lighter weight for increased performance on high-performance vehicles.  

While the cost of engineering, designing and testing a BBS wheel does translate into a more expensive wheel compared to other options, the quality associated with BBS is top-notch. The higher cost of most models of BBS wheels limited the market of buyers to the point where BBS decided to design a lower cost wheel. Enter the BBS SR, which costs about 25% less than other BBS models.  

 Machined w/Matte Graphite Accents
BBS SR Machined with Matte Graphite Accents
 Anthracite Painted
BBS SR Anthracite Painted

The BBS SR is made in the same factories as other BBS wheels and adheres to the same quality control and testing. To keep costs down, the BBS SR wheel is made in two simple finishes and only produced in a limited number of higher volume wheel sizes. Many of these sizes are appropriate for use with a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package.  

For more information on installing winter tires, read "Is it Too Early to Shop for Winter Tires?"

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