Kumho Ecsta 4X Replaced by New Ecsta 4X II

Many drivers haven't heard of Kumho tires even though they've been sold in the United States for over ten years. If you're shopping for a great value on a performance all-season tire and haven't researched Kumho tires because the brand name seems unfamiliar, you definitely need to reconsider.  

Tires like the Ecsta 4X have proven that Kumho manufactures high quality tires and offers them at very competitive prices. In our test, "Testing Value-Priced Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires," we liked its quick steering response and dry grip so well that it placed first overall. For more information on this great option, take a look at "Sound Tire Advice: Kumho Ecsta 4X is a Great Tire."

 Kumho ECSTA 4X
Kumho Ecsta 4X
 Kumho ECSTA 4X II
Kumho Ecsta 4X II

New for 2015, Kumho has redesigned the tire and made significant improvements. The new tire, the Kumho Ecsta 4X II, has improved wet traction, better snow traction and a quieter ride. In addition to those improvements, its new advanced tread compound is designed to provide longer treadwear. Built in South Korea in a large variety of sizes, the tire also has a new radically stylized sidewall. 

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