Kosei K1 Racing Wheels for Mazda Miata

Since the warm weather has come upon most of the country earlier than normal this year, I've recently been receiving many inquiries for new performance tires and alloy wheels. While much of your wheel choice comes down to your own cosmetic taste and price, wheel weight and quality are also important factors to consider. 


Lighter wheels can make a noticeable difference in the handling of low torque, lightweight vehicles, like my 1994 MAZDA Miata. Looking for a light, high quality and attractive performance alloy wheel for my vehicle, I took a look at the options available from Kosei. While many of their styles look great, I chose the K1 Racing. Below is a photo of my vehicle with the wheels.

Many racers, autocrossers and drivers in the SCCA STR use this wheel due to its great combination of durability, weight and affordable pricing.


When it came time to choose the right tire, I went with the Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 due to its impressive ratings in our Tire Survey Results. I'm going on my seventh year with these wheels, and the silver paint with clearcoat finish still looks like new. I haven't had any issues with bent wheels and to me, the style still looks fresh. 

The warm weather is here, so enhance your vehicle's look with a Tire & Wheel Package today!


Sunday, March 23, 2014 by Michael Cairns

Nicely done. That's the nicest setup I've seen for this first gen. miata. What size wheels/tires are those in the above picture? Has the car been lowered? Thx

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