Is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S the New King of the Hill for Max Performance Summer Tires?

Since 2011, Michelin's Pilot Super Sport all but dominated the competition in the Max performance summer tire category.  It has been the benchmark in the category, a favorite of consumers, and has won many comparison tests.  I've even expressed my own personal praise for the Pilot Super Sport tires after installing them on my own car in my blog titled "Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires Installed On My Car".  Improving over a benchmark-setting tire such as this and creating an even better tire would seem to be quite the challenge.  Enter Michelin's newest flagship performance tire : the Pilot Sport 4S.  


The new Pilot Sport 4S was developed in cooperation with Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and other car manufacturers in order to create a Max Performance Summer tire that would prove to be a worthy successor to the outstanding Pilot Super Sport.  The  Pilot Sport 4S uses technologies that Michelin engineers developed from their experience on the track in the 24 of Le Mans.  The new side by side rubber compound that utilizes a new dry-focused hybrid tread rubber compound to improve dry handling and braking compared to the Pilot Super Sport, while still featuring a silica-infused wet compound to give drivers extra confidence in wet conditions.  You can read more about the technologies that Michelin has incorporated into the tire at the Pilot Sport 4S product information page at      I

In a recent full test, the tire was praised for it's steering feel and light handling feel on the street.  The tester in the video even went so far as to call it "ideal...good weight...natural and linear...millimeter-precise without being overly sensitive."   Check out the test video : 


On the track, the Pilot Sport 4S stood out among its competition with regards to handling, steering response and overall grip in a tire that was easy to control at the limits.  To again quote the test driver, "everything about the Pilot Sport 4S just feels right on track."  Dry lap times were the fastest versus the other two tires in the test.  Remarkably, it also posted the fastest wet lap times on the track as well, edging out both the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, and Pirelli Pzero (PZ4).  

To summarize, the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S does indeed set a new high water mark in the Max performance Summer category, performing all tasks as well or better than its competition. It would hard for me not to conclude that the Pilot Sport 4S is indeed the new Max Performance Summer tire king of hill.  Check out pricing and availability as well as customer ratings and reviews at  


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