Installation is Even Easier!

Concerned about where to have your new tires installed? No worries, we have an extensive list of Recommended Installers who are ready to handle your installation needs at a great price. Also, this list just got quite a bit larger! 

We are pleased to announce that all 800+ Sears Auto Center locations have joined our Recommended Installer program as of February 1, 2012.

This addition represents the first time we'll have an installer group strategically located within mainstream shopping destinations, as Sears Auto Center locations are directly connected to shopping malls. These new locations to our program will add to the convenience of getting your tires installed, but also help you pass the time with many stores and shops near Sears Auto Centers. 

Not only will these new locations be convenient, but they also offer a very competitive price. To see prices, view the chart below. Note that the "Series" of the tire is the second part of the tire's size. For example, a 205/65R15 is a 65 Series tire. More information on sidewall aspect ratio can be found by reading "Tire Size Guide."

  • 60 Series and up        $12.00
  • 50-55 Series               $12.00
  • 40-45 Series               $15.00
  • 35 Series and lower    $19.00

We have also added an enhanced map feature showing the locations of each installer along with the corresponding number of where they rank in the listing based on ratings and distance. Also, you can link directly to MapQuest for exact directions to the installer’s location. This new feature will help ensure that the installer you choose is close to your home or office.





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