Hypertech Max Energy Sport Installed on Infiniti G37

This morning, I successfully installed the Hypertech Max Energy Sport engine tuning software to my 2009 Infiniti G37x. Because the software eliminates the vehicles built-in throttle restriction (which Hypertech calls 0-60 electronic throttle restriction), I was able to notice a difference in the car right away! 
Hypertech Max Energy Sport
Best of all, it was easy! The install steps were as followed:
  1. Installed the enclosed CD software on my laptop
  2. Followed the on-screen prompts and downloaded current software
  3. Plugged the tuner into the USB port (with enclosed USB connector)
  4. Plugged Hypertech's Max Energy Sport into the vehicle's under-dash connector
  5. Answered "yes"/"no" questions that appeared on the product's scrolling screen
  6. With the push of a button the vehicle's computer was reprogrammed
If you own a 2008-2011 Infiniti G37, consider this upgrade to maximize your engines power off the line. 

Get yours today!

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