How We Evaluate Tires on the Test Track

If you've ever researched tires online, you've probably come across one of our tests. Have you ever wondered exactly how we do it? What our test course looks like? Here are some of the highlights and a video that show you exactly how a typical test lap goes. A few of the key aspects include: 

  • Identical vehicles
  • Three to four different tires per test
  • Over 800 laps on the track 
  • Over 100 test drivers for diverse input

Our test track is designed to mimic what a driver may experience in an emergency avoidance maneuver, or a lap on an autocross course. The course challenges each tire's steering response, braking and cornering capabilities. Traction control is turned off for our testing, which allows us to feel more of how each tire is performing.  

As you can see in the video, we test tires in both dry conditions and also wet conditions that can simulate a typical rain shower thanks to a large sprinkling system. All of our test drivers, including myself, also provide subjective feedback over dozens of tests each season. This gives our staff a greater understanding of the broad range of performance differences among hundreds of different models of tires.  

Wonder how a tire you're interested in stacks up against the competition? View our tire test results to see the results.

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