How many wheel weights are too many?

Why do wheels and tires have to be balanced?

Tires are made up of internal beads, body plies and belts that are encased in rubber, assembled and cured. Alloy wheels are cast, cooled and machined. And even though both are built to tight tolerances, there is bound to be some unavoidable weight imbalances during the manufacturing process.

How many wheel weights are too many?

While there is no industry standard, the general consensus of what is too much weight is when it takes more than 1% of the assembly weight to bring it into balance.

Let's take a test example of one incident I recently encountered when a customer expressed concern that 15 wheel weights were used on his 19" BMW wheel and tire package. Is 15 weights too many? Let's find out.
  • Each stick-on weight is a quarter of an ounce
  • 15 weights on one wheel = 3.75 ounces
  • 19x8.5 wheel weight = 27.5 pounds
  • 235/35R19 tire = 24.0 pounds
  • Total package weight = 51.5 pounds or 824 ounces
  • 1% of that = 8.2 ounces
15 weights (3.75 ounces total) is very reasonable given the total weight of the wheel and tire in this example.

How will you know that your wheels and tires are properly balanced?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by juan hernandez

I have a set of 20 inch goodyear gt2 285 50r20 on my escalade. At my tire shop they tell me 7.5 ounces is too much stick-on weights for these tires n rims. Is that true. Thanks for your help in advance.
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by Robert

I have a new set of rims and tires 22x10 on the rims and 35x12.5x22 on the tires I have a 6" lift on my truck.
they added over 9oz of weights to balanced the rims.
I want to know if this is normal on a rim and tire this big.?
If not, what is the acceptable weight for this set?
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by Gary


The general industry rule is weights should be less than 1% of the weight of the new tire and new wheel. We don’t know the weight of the wheel and tire, but I would most wheels of this size likely weigh about 40 lbs. each and tires in this size about 50 lbs. each.

1% of a 90 lbs. assembly would be 14.4 ounces, so 9 ounces would likely fall in the acceptable range.

What’s most important, is that the tire a wheel is balanced so that there is little to no vibration when driving.

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