Hawk LTS brake pads are a great choice for your truck or SUV brake pads.

Need new brake pads for your SUV? 

I recommend the Hawk LTS brake pads. The compound utilizes Hawks Ferro-Carbon material that has proven so effective with the Hawk HPS pads

The LTS compound is formulated specifically for Light Truck and SUV applications and is intended for owners seeking:

  • increased stopping power
  • increased fade resistance
  • minimal dust
  • low noise

I have installed these on my own vehicle as well as a few of my neighbors' and friends'. All have been very happy with the results. Those with PLUS size wheel packages are good candidates for this pad. 

Towing with a heavy duty applciation? The Hawk SuperDuty compound should still be the way to go if you are using your truck in severe duty applications with heavy loads or heavy repetitive brake situations such as commercial use.

These and other great brake products are available at Tire Rack


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