Five Reasons You Shouldn't Drive on Winter Tires in the Summer

Many drivers have discovered the advantages of using winter / snow tires on their vehicles during the colder months. Increased driver confidence and safety are the primary reasons buyers use winter tires. As much as winter tires can improve cold-weather driving, they reach a point when the temperatures are too warm for them to work effectively. By the time the months of May and June roll around, it is warm enough in most of the United States to remove your snow tires.

Some people leave their winter tires on too long, which is not a great idea. I even come across the occasional person who keeps their winter tires on year-round. While it is best to be safe and keep your winter tires on until the threat of snow is completely gone, keeping them on too long into the summer can cause some serious problems:

  • Rapid tire wear
  • Reduced dry traction
  • Slow steering response
  • Increased road noise
  • Irregular tire wear


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