Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Set vs. Sportline Spring Set

Heinrich Eibach began producing high quality automotive springs in the German town of Finnetrop about fifty years ago. Along with skilled craftsman who shared his passion for quality, Heinrich helped grow Eibach Springs into a global, highly respected suspension manufacturer with an emphasis on engineering outstanding suspension products.  

For drivers wanting to improve the appearance of their vehicles by reducing fender well gap and for those whose goal is better handling and tighter cornering, a set of lowering springs is often the ideal product to accomplish their goals. Using a high quality set of lowering springs also reduces a vehicle's body roll in corners, as well as minimizes pitch and dive when accelerating and braking. You can learn more about the benefits of lowering springs by reading, "Lower Your Car and Keep a Great Ride with Eibach Lowering Springs." With its long history of producing lowering springs, it is not surprising that many discerning enthusiasts choose Eibach Springs. Eibach's two most popular spring sets for cars are the Eibach Pro-Kit and Eibach Sportline

 Eibach Pro-Kit
Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Set
 Eibach Sportline
Eibach Sportline Spring Set

The Pro-Kit Spring Set is installed on my 1994 Mazda Miata and I've used this kit on most of my previous vehicles including a 1997 Audi A4 Quattro and 1997 Nissan Maxima SE. The Eibach Pro-Kit lowering spring set improves your cars looks and performance while lowering most vehicle about 1"-1.25".  

If you're looking to lower your car even further to give an appearance similar to a race car with improved handling and flatter cornering, you should consider the Eibach Sportline Spring Set. While this kit will produce a stiffer ride than the Eibach Pro-Kit, the Sportline springs lower most vehicles about 1.5"-2" which results in a radical reduction in fender well gap. 

From now until August 31st, you may be eligible to receive a 10% mail-in rebate on your purchase of Eibach Pro-Kit or Eibach Sportline Spring Sets.  

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