Dinan Performance Parts are Now Available at Tire Rack

Dinan's beginnings as a BMW tuner trace back to when Steve Dinan was a weekend racing enthusiast. His successful modifications to his own cars drew the curiosity of his fellow racers and he soon began selling performance parts out of his garage. His business grew into a full scale design, engineering and manufacturing company with a focus on producing performance parts that are built to Original Equipment standards.  

I've discussed performance parts in a previous blog, but Dinan takes performance to the next level. Dinan keeps all of their research and development in-house which allows them to make what many consider to be the best engineered aftermarket performance parts available. With 35 years of history-winning motorsports, Dinan takes their passion and success in racing into their street products. They pride themselves in taking steps to make their products as refined and reliable as a vehicle's Original Equipment parts.   

One of the best-selling appeals of Dinan is their industry leading warranty program. Their factory-matching warranty includes up to four years/50,000-miles warranties covering parts, labor and even non-Dinan parts that may be affected by their part. This takes the worry out of any adverse effects of adding performance parts to your car or affecting your vehicle's original manufacturers warranty. For cars already outside of their warranty period, most parts are still covered for two years and unlimited miles.  

Dinan likes to refer to their parts as more than just single stand alone products, but as "engineered solutions". Known as the Dinan "Big 3", below are the three of main categories of performance systems that Dinan offers:

1. ECU Tuning: Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner and  Dinatronics Performace Tuner Stage

Dinan's ECUs are emission legal in all 50 states and CARB approved. They offer plug and play horsepower and torque gains at a reasonable cost and with installation times of just 10-30 minutes. 

2. Cold Air Intake: Ram-Air Intake, High Flow Intake and Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

When Dinan engineers an intake system, it is more than just a high-flow air filter. These are complete sealed system like O.E. systems. They increase in filter size and area and push the system as far away from engine heat as possible. For those who want to gain under-the-hood style, carbon fiber intake parts are available on some applications.  

3. Exhaust: Free Flow Stainless Exhaust and Resonator Delete Kit

Dyno tested and made of T304 stainless steel, Dinan's exhaust systems are engineered for increases in horsepower and low end torque. They sound fantastic thanks to using a helmholtz resonator design and butterfly valves when possible. These help eliminate the annoying low RPM drone that is typical of other company's exhaust systems.

In addition to the "Big 3", Dinan also produces a myriad of high-performance suspension products:

Over the years, Dinan has earned its reputation throughout the BMW community as the premier North American BMW tuner. They are now aiming to expand their expertise beyond BMW to include Audi, VW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat and Porsche so more drivers can experience what they call "The Dinan Difference".

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