Are Sport Edition Wheels Good?

Yes! They may not equal the high style and lightweight of the more expensive wheel lines like BBS, O.Z. Racing and Enkei Racing Series, but for many drivers, the Sport Edition wheels are a great lower cost option. Sport Edition offers aluminum alloy wheels that have durable painted with clearcoat finishes offered in a variety of colors and styles.  

One popular use for a Sport Edition wheel is to make it a part of your Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package. Why submit an expensive Original Equipment wheel or high-end aftermarket wheel to the harsh conditions of winter driving and salt-covered roads when you can use a quality wheel at a good price? The stylish Sport Edition A7 and A8, available in black painted and silver painted finishes, have been very popular with BMW drivers for years. The same applies to Porsche drivers using the Sport Edition Cup 4 for their winter set-ups. Both of these styles accept the vehicle's Original Equipment center caps for a clean appearance.  

 A7 Black Painted
Sport Edition A7
 A8 Titanium Gunmetal
Sport Edition A8
 Cup 4 Silver Painted
Sport Edition Cup 4

We also offer basic steel wheels as well for many vehicles. Are you unsure of which is best for your car? Take a look at "Steel Rims vs. Alloy Wheels for Winter Use" to see the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Sunday, November 23, 2014 by Megan

First, I love Tire Rack but want to share my experience with this brand of wheels. I bought Sport Edition wheels from Tire Rack for winter tires for my BMW. After only using them for two seasons, when I took them in to be rotated and rebalanced, the dealer told me I had two cracked rims. Yes, there are a lot of potholes in the winter, but I've used my original BMW wheels for 5 longer seasons on the same roads and they are just fine. After reading another expert opinion from a wheel repair specialist, the Sport Edition wheels are on his list of 3 Wheels to Avoid due to them being incredibly soft. I will be spending the extra money for new wheels from Tire Rack that are more likely to last longer than two short seasons.
Monday, January 23, 2017 by Tim Morris

Sport Edition ET35, five spoke rims, Spoke cracked, twice?
Rim part of TR's winter tire & rim recommended pkg for Audi Q5.
Not holding up to NORMAL winter use?, two rims with crack across spoke, one last year, one this season! Working with TR for solution. Will report on findings & how issue was addressed by TR.

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