Race Tires Versus Extreme Performance Summer Tires

I recently had a customer inquire about whether he should use R-compound Track & Competition DOT tires or if the tires in our Extreme Performance Summer category would be more appropriate. His email question is listed below:


I'm looking for tires for my BMW 335i that I can take to a non-competitive performance driving school to learn track driving skills. This will be my first time on the track in any car so I'm not sure if I should get Extreme Performance Summer tires or actual race tires. I won't be changing tires at the track so I would need something that is streetable, as well. The tire size I'm going to use is 225/45R17. Thanks for any advice you can offer."

I told the customer that tires from the Extreme Performance Summer category would work best for him and suggested the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 and Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 as good options for his vehicle.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11
Yokohama ADVAN AD08
Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08

These are street tires that can be driven on the track without destroying them and perform reasonably well if driven within their limits. They are much easier for learning on a track and hone your skills. Each tire has more progressive breakaway at the limit compared to R-compound tires, and not nearly as delicate on the street as tires like the Hoosier R6 or BFGoodrich g-Force R1

To learn more about Extreme Performance Summer tires, read my previous blog post "What are Extreme Performance Summer Tires?"


Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by paun petrov

HI could you,please give me the price of the bridgeston potenza re-11 225/45/17 and what is the treadwear? thanks
Sunday, June 9, 2013 by Donnie Beason

I need the best dot tire for a dirt race car,cannot be hooser, rules wont allow them for some reason I need the softest compound we can get im running 195-60-14 and a 195-70-14 can you help, thanks donnie
Monday, June 10, 2013 by Gary


I'm sorry, we are unfamiliar with these types of tires or where to get them, sorry.

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