When it's raining…a quarter will get you home, a penny might not.

The "penny test" tread depth check doesn't hold water. Yes, U.S. coins can be substituted as a tire tread depth gauge to measure the critical, final few 32nds of an inch of remaining tread depth.Place a penny into several tread grooves across the tire. If part of Lincoln's head is always covered by the tread, you have more than 2/32" of tread depth remaining...  Read More

The Devil is in the Details

Did you decide to get a new set of wheels for your toy? You know to dress her up a little. Well, it doesn't matter if you went with a big name like BBS or OZ Racing or went with something more budget friendly like an ASA or Verde style I know you want to get the most 'pop' out of your  purchase. So, here's a couple of easy tips to help you get the most...  Read More

A new reason to upgrade your suspension

If you are like most people it can be a difficult choice to take off a perfectly good suspension system and replace it. The old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" comes to mind. As you may already know if you read my blog post about the family mini-van and the suspension upgrade I used on it you may have thought "a performance suspension on a minivan...  Read More

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away ...

Yeah, it's that time of year. For those of us living north of US 40 it's not going to be long before this type of afternoon is going to turn into this type of afternoon So, what can we do about it? If you are like most folks, little more than shiver, bundle up & complain. Anybody know what this winters over/under is for ... cold enough for ya?   When ever tir...  Read More

Fuelish Behavior ...

    Well, here we are, about a year removed from the $4.00+ per gallon gas prices of the 2008 summer driving season. When the prices started climbing last summer we started hearing about different ways to reduce our own fuel and energy costs.        Some of the reports we heard even came up with new words to help us understand the need to conserve fuel. Who...  Read More

Give me a brake ....

Yes, I meant  to spell it that way because, today I am blogging about brakes. Everyday I get to field questions from people about all types of performance and aesthetic upgrades but, many times the unintended consequences are not even seen.Brakes are often over looked when upgrading wheels and tires and it's easy to understand why. A wheel and tire package ca...  Read More

it's August and it's hot so, let's talk about something cool

Let's talk about winter. As I am typing this it's the 'dog days' of summer and you should be  enjoying your automotive lifestyle with cruise ins, track days or car shows but, before you know it, you will be breaking out the heavy coats and putting the toys away. Yes, winter is right around the corner so, now is the time to start thinking about winter tires.Th...  Read More

Winter tires ... how do they work

There's more to tires than black, round and hold air. This post should help you understand the mechanics of winter tires When you look closely at any road surface it is really not that smooth as represented by the model in this picture The engineers who design those high grip summer performance tires we love so much, also know this and use it to their...  Read More

Wider is better some of the time

    Most of the time a wider tire will offer better performing and cornering but, not always.  Without the correct supporting parts and hardware wider tires may not always produce the desired results.    While at a driving school in Utah I was able to participate in an interesting exercise involving different tire and wheel sizes.    Three identical Ford...  Read More

Get shorty ... or not

    My years of involvement in the automotive industry has seen many trends come and go but, the 1 thing that doesn't change is the enthusiast. You might be a lowrider from Chico, an SCCA autocrosser from Topeka or a 4 wheeler from Moab it doesn't matter, stock is just not good enough for you, or me for that matter.     In this post I am addressing tire load...  Read More

Michelin pulls off a historic upset

Can you really use the term historic when talking about a tire? Some say "yes" some say "no".      If you look at the way in which a tire achieves such status you can make a valid argument for either answer. I think the issue is not, if a tire is 'historic' but, the circumstances which lead a given tire to be placed in a historic position.    Goodyear is...  Read More

I'm back from Gator Country

    I have just returned from a family vacation. In true 'car guy' fashion we covered just over 1850 miles in 8 days. I can report many things but, to make this interesting to more people than my immediate family and friends I will try to keep focused on some of my automotive observations and what can be learned from them.        Our travels went from...  Read More

What's the "Best" mod for my car?

    A question I hear quite often is exactly that "What is the 'best' mod for my car?".    It is asked with full expectation to hear something like "get some new tires and wheels they'll look great and really handle the corners" or "an AEM cold air intake will up the performance of your car and that would be really cool". While both of those statements are...  Read More

dealing with the family Mini Van as a car guy

So, as many "car guys" tend to do, I matured and mellowed with age but, the passion is still there. Here's a great example of how to be a mature family man and still a "car guy".    My wife and I had a couple of children which forced a serious vehicle decision and yes we ended up adding a mini van to the garage. We chose a pampered used Honda Odyssey for my...  Read More


In this blog I will be discussing all things automotive. Yes, I said all things, car, trucks, SUVs,  tires, wheels, suspension, brakes even driving schools and the automotive lifestyle and car clubs.It does not matter, if it's an old classic car, a new model sports car, an SUV or a minivan I love them all. I often times find myself doing everything I can to...  Read More