New Bridgestone winter tires for your truck/suv

Bridgestone has introduced a new winter option for your SUV or light truck.  The Blizzak DMZ3 tire will be replaced this winter season with the new Bridgestone Blizzak DMV1.  The new tire will offer improved ice braking and cornering in addition to improvements in overall dry handling.  Bridgestone also posts strong improvements in wet traction over the previous

  Blizzak DMV1

model.  Improvements in both compound and tread design should allow the new model to be a strong performer among the SUV/ light truck category of winter tires.   I've been happy with the overall performance of the Blizzak DMZ3 on trucks in the past and look forward to giving the new Bridgestone DMV1 a try.  Be sure to look at all the performance ratings and  winter tire options currently available for your vehicle. 

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