Continental ExtremeContact DW

Continental ExtremeContact DWThe Continental ExtremeContact DW (DW for dry and wet) is developed for drivers of sports cars, sports coupes and performance sedans, the tire provides serious performance on both dry and wet roads. The ExtremeContact DW is designed to deliver good ride quality but is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Test results show this to be a very well rounded tire in the Max Performance Summer category that provides good road manners with exceptional dry and wet braking traction.

Features and benefits of the Continental ExtremeContact DW:
  • Wide circumferential grooves and open outboard lateral grooves to aid in hydroplaning resistance.
  • Continuous center ribs to reduce noise and provide constant rubber to road contact.
  • Tuned Performance Indicators - "DW" molded into the second rib. The W will begin to wear away as the wet traction diminishes with tread wear.
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