Best winter traction for your passenger vehicle

I recently faced the decision of picking the best winter tire for my driving conditions.   I considered the category of studless ice and snow tires for these offer the best traction in the worst of weather.  I had narrowed my choice to the following three tires: Continental Extreme Winter Contact, Bridgestone Blizzak WS60, and Michelin X-ice Xi2. 

  Continental                        Bridgestone                        Michelin
Continental Extreme Winter Contact                                 
I've had a chance to sample the three tires above and would have been happy with any of the selections.  I decided to try the Bridgestone due to some size and availability issues.  I've been amazed with the overall confidence and winter capability the tire has provided.  I'm also pleased with the overall ride and noise comfort.  Be sure to read our test comparisons and customer feedback  when selecting the tire that is right for you. 

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