Where in the world?

A lot of talk about tire tariffs lately and the Tire Rack team is fielding lots of calls about this issue. All of the major tire manufacturers -- Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. -- are using a global market strategy for manufacturing. This means tires are being manufactured all over the world in places like Portugual, Brazil, Korea and China.

Since there is a global strategy, you can expect production to be moved from China to other parts of the world to help minimize any impact a tariff increase can cause.

For example, Bridgestone manufactures the Potenza RE960AS Pole Position in Japan, Mexico, and Indonesia. This allows them to move production or add production as needed.

Another very common question is "Do tires made in China have the same level of safety and quality as those made in other parts of the world?" The short answer is that the major brands have the same manufacturing quality controls in place regardless of the country of origin. The Chinese-branded tires, though, can be a different story altogether. MSNBC did an excellent article on the topic of Chinese-manufactured tires that features some comments from Tire Rack's vice president of marketing, Matt Edmonds.

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