What is the Best Tire?

Testing ProgramWhile many may think it's simple to find the "best" tire for a vehicle, that's not always the case when you're trying to consider a driver's needs and style. When you shop by vehicle, your car's year, make and model (and sub-model) will provide several available options that are an appropriate size, load and speed rating for your application.

When deciding on the best tire, the how and where are critical and the following options should be considered:
  • Driving style
  • Environment and climate
  • Types of roads you experience  
Regardless of what's most important in your purchase, take a look at our survey results, tire reviews and test results for a side-by-side comparison of tires and their different characteristics like noise, responsiveness and treadwear. Annually, we perform independent tests of approximately 40 different tires on the track and our 6.6-mile loop of expressway, state highway and county roads to provide results from a great variety of road conditions. 

To see how we challenge a tire's traction, handling and predictability in both wet and dry conditions on the track, watch "Testing Tires: On the Test Track."

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