The Inflating Price of Tires

You may be discovering that tires are becoming more expensive and in some cases difficult to find. 


First, the economy. Tire manufacturers are not immune to the recent economic woes. As the recovery continues, companies may be hesitant to expand, leading to a reduction in capacity. 

Second, vehicle manufacturers are forecasting sales gains, placing added stress on the manufacturers. 

Third, many people are hanging onto their vehicles longer; increasing the demand for replacement tires in the marketplace.

Lastly, many new sizes and models are being introduced, giving the consumer more options to choose from. This is great for the consumer, but again is another stress placed on the manufacturing capacity.  

Tire Rack
 works very hard to meet the challenges of keeping wide variety of tires available to meet the demands of our customers. If you need a specific tire that may be on backorder, it is best to place your order early and wait the backorder out. This helps the manufacturer forecast and produce to meet the overall demand. 

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