Price Matching: The Race to the Bottom

Tire Rack Tire Testing ProgramOccasionally, I am asked if Tire Rack price matches? While we are very aggressive with providing a competitive price and in most cases we offer the best price, there are times when price alone is not the only factor in making a final decision. Certainly looking for the lowest price is a great goal, but a truly educated consumer will recognize it is not always about price in and of itself. This may become even more true when talking about a long-term purchase.

I have come to understand that when a potential customer calls and asks for a price match, they're calling because they are looking for more. While they may want an even lower price, they may contact us to buy because of our industry leading product knowledge, including the best trained sales specialists. From our extensive classroom training and product update meetings with the manufacturers, to our Real World Road Rides and Test Track programs, our sales team really knows tires! This first-hand experience and extensive training means we will help you find the best option, while providing an unbiased opinion for your vehicle. And what if you needed your order yesterday? With six strategically placed distribution centers across the country, we provide fast transit times, with most customers within a 1-2 day shipping zone. 

While Tire Rack does not price match, we do provide the best overall value and experience based on our research that occurs before your sale all the way to our outstanding customer service support after your purchase. While price is important, it is but one factor to consider when choosing your next tire.

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Friday, May 23, 2014 by Zac Vasilinda

If you think you might need any level of customer service on your product -- buy from Tire Rack. There customer service was awesome in my most recent purchase of Koni FSD then whoops changed my mind and wanted Koni yellows for my 330i. Fantastic service turned a potentially huge headache into a very satisfied customer. I could have save 6% by buying at a bargain drop ship storefront, but right now I'm really glad I didn't. Thanks Tire Rack!

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