Plus 1 Plus 2 Equals What?

Plus sizing, sometimes refered to as tuning or customization, can be a great way to enhance the look (aesthetics) and feel (performance) of your vehicle. What is plus sizing? This involves changing the tire and/or wheel size from the original size.

Plus 0 (Zero) - Increase the section width (first number in the size) while decreasing the aspect ratio (second number in the size). The wheel size stays the same so you will not have to purchase new wheels.

Plus 1 - Increase the section width while decreasing aspect ratio but also increase the wheel size by 1 inch. The result is approximately 1/2" less sidewall on the tire while maintaining a very similar overall diameter. This keeps the speedometer, odometer and other systems that monitor wheel/tire rotation rates -- such as ABS and traction control -- functioning normally.

Plus 2, Plus 3, etc. - In each of these cases an additional inch of wheel is added while decreasing sidewall height on the tire. Vehicle design will limit the maximum wheel size.

Proper plus sizing is important. Besides ensuring that a plus sized-package maintains the original overall tire diameter, required load capacity should always be met. Contact the Tire Rack's sales specialists for assistance.


Monday, November 30, 2015 by Norm

Will 265/65 R 17 winter tires fit on a 2015 Grand Caravan that runs on 225/65 R 17 in the summer?

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