O.Z. Racing Challenge Now Available for Porsche and BMW

Originally an exclusive aftermarket wheel design for the Dodge Viper, O.Z. Racing has expanded the fitment offerings of their Challenge wheel line. Available in black or silver, this wheel is intended to be used in a track environment as it provides extra durability in tough conditions, and is also a great option for the street. The wheel is offered in the...  Read More

What Comes with My Tire & Wheel Package?

Tire Rack loves to make your Tire & Wheel Packagepurchase as easy as possible. For starters, we provide a guaranteed fitment when your vehicle is equipped with a stock suspension and brake caliper and you shop by vehicle. You don't have to worry about bolt pattern, offset, backspace, etc. Unless noted under special notes, our fitments will be inside the...  Read More

Is the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position the Right Max Performance Summer Tire for You?

As the flagship offering from Bridgestone, the Potenza S-04 Pole Position is a Max Performance Summer tire for drivers that demand the pinnacle of traction and responsiveness. Replacing the RE050A Pole Position, this new offering delivers more wet and dry traction.Carrying forward with an asymmetric tread pattern, the inside of the tire is tuned for wet...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Super Sport: One Year Later

Touted as the best performance tire available, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport has been on the market for about a year. Replacing the highly regarded and proven Pilot Sport PS2, the tire's more aggressive pricing, promise of longer life and more performance capabilities, caused a lot of excitement.Starting with our Tire Survey Results, the tire is currently...  Read More

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors Available at Tire Rack

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) became mandatory in 2007 and warn a driver when one of their tires is significantly underinflated. The most common method is via a wireless transmitter that's installed to the vehicle's wheel. An in-vehicle receiver warns the driver if the pressure in any tire falls below a predetermined level.If you're purchasing new...  Read More

How Do I Get My Tires Installed and How Much Does it Cost?

You have spent your time researching our site and found the perfect tire for your car. Now how do you get them installed? Tire Rack has over 8,000 recommended installers across the United States that are eager to help you with this service. All of the installers must meet stringent criteria before being added to the program. They're required to employ...  Read More

Replacement Trailer Tires

Recently, we added the Power King Towmax STR to our trailer tire line-up that also includes the Goodyear Marathon Radial. By adding the Towmax STR tire, we now have more sizes and load ratings available for customers looking for Trailer Service tires.   Both tires are similar in their exterior features. A rounded shoulder with an internal polyester cord body...  Read More

The All-New Firestone Destination LE2

For years, the Firestone Destination LE has been a favorite in the line-up for SUV and light truck applications. Since 2001 the marketplace has changed from a light duty pickup truck dominated arena to a crossover utility vehicle (CUV) dominated market segment. A corresponding change in tire demands has also occurred. From primarily utility focused for...  Read More

Are my Asymmetric Tires Running Backwards?

It's very common for a customer to get very excited over the tread pattern of their newly purchased asymmetric tires. While I agree the look of the grooves would lead you to have them pointing in a downward direction during rotation, the reality is there isn't a significant enough of difference for it to matter.With an asymmetric design you need the larger...  Read More

Competition Tires: The How and Why of Heat Cycling and Tire Shaving

Seasoned or novice autocrossers and road racers may have some questions about the benefits of heat cycling and tire shaving. The first time a competition tire is used is the most important. During that run, its tread compound is stretched, some of the weaker bonds between the rubber molecules will be broken, which generates some of the heat. So before...  Read More

Checking Tire Air Pressure is the Easiest Way to Maximize Your Tire's Life

The air pressure in your tires is critical to their maintenance. Tires cost hundreds of dollars, so spending a few minutes every month is a small price to pay to maximize the return on your investment. What are the benefits of checking your tire's air pressure? In the case of an underinflated situation, the tire can experience uneven wear on both shoulders....  Read More

Alternative Sizes for the Nissan Murano

Another vehicle that can present some challenges in regards to options for replacement tires is the Nissan Murano. Introduced in 2009, it came equipped with 235/55R20 sized tires. Currently, there are only a few options being offered in the O.E. size.   As an alternate size that'll provide more choices, we recommend 255/50R20. This size is approximately 3/4"...  Read More

Alternative Tire Options for Your MINI Cooper Countryman S

Recently, I helped a customer find replacement tires for his 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman S. He had been running the Original Equipment run-flat in size 205/55R17. During our call, the MINI owner provided two main criteria. First, he wanted a non-run-flat tire that had all-season capability. Second, there was a restrictive price point that the customer...  Read More

Best Run-Flat Tire? Perhaps the Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT

Bridgestone's 3G RFT Technology is designed to offer almost the same riding comfort as conventional tires and that's why the Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT may change the way you feel about run-flat tires.   The biggest enemy to the tire when running "flat" is the heat generated. This traditionally has required a thick, stiff sidewall to move the heat off...  Read More

Shopping for Tires on Our Website

Tire Rack supplies many tools that help you find the tire you need. When you shop by vehicle, we'll get you pointed in the right direction. This feature will account for load and speed rating requirements in the original sizes.   Once you have confirmed the tire size and are looking at all options, our results can be fine tuned. You can sort by a number...  Read More

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring = Quietest Tire?

A quick look at our Tire Survey Results shows the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring is currently the top-ranked Grand Touring All-Season tire. When looking a bit deeper at the results the tire sits on top in the hydroplaning resistance, light and deep snow traction, ice traction, and noise comfort categories. We also conducted our independent test of this...  Read More

How Does the Tire Rack Road Hazard Service Program Work?

Tire Rack offers peace of mind through our Tire Road Hazard Program. Potholes, probably the most common hazard you may encounter, are becoming more and more of a problem on the roadways - causing everything from sidewall bubbles to complete blowouts, this is probably the most common hazard you may encounter. Additionally, other road debris, such as nails or...  Read More

What is the Best Tire?

While many may think it's simple to find the "best" tire for a vehicle, that's not always the case when you're trying to consider a driver's needs and style. When you shop by vehicle, your car's year, make and model (and sub-model) will provide several available options that are an appropriate size, load and speed rating for your application.When deciding...  Read More

Low Rolling Resistance Tires and Fuel Economy

It only makes sense that tires can help improve fuel economy as they're the only contact point the vehicle has with the road. In 2009, Tire Rack decided to put that theory to the test using a fleet of Toyota Prius. As with all of our testing, great thought went into the variables and how best to control them. Additionally, we employed the use of Linear Logic...  Read More

What Tire Performance Category Do I Need?

What is the difference between the tires in different performance categories? Grouping tires into categories helps identify products that are designed with similar characteristics. This allows us to perform our independent tire tests and provide feedback in our survey results that is more of an apples-to-apples comparison.It's important to note that if you...  Read More