Stop right now! Before you go any further.

Additional Order Information If you spoke with one of our sales specialists regarding this order, please enter that sales specialist's name or phone extension: Many of you that are existing customers may have seen the above section at the end of the checkout process.   You've done your research on your product of interest (all season tires, summer tires, or...  Read More

Where in the world?

A lot of talk about tire tariffs lately and the Tire Rack team is fielding lots of calls about this issue. All of the major tire manufacturers -- Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. -- are using a global market strategy for manufacturing. This means tires are being manufactured all over the world in places like Portugual, Brazil, Korea and China.Since...  Read More

If it's too're too old

Many of  the newer tires being introduced have an asymmetric design that were previously directional.  Bridgestone Potenza RE750 old directional design Bridgestone Potenza RE760  new asymmetric design        Why asymmetric design. Europe recent phased in new stricter noise standards over the past 5 years. as found in a Tire Rack Technical articleE.C.E....  Read More

You're going the wrong way! (RIP John Hughes)

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3                    Bridgestone Potenza 960AS PPAs a sponsoring member of the forums, I occassionally come across an interesting question.  In this case, the original poster asked, Can I mount my ultra high performance directional  Bridgestone summer tires to rotate the wrong way?  It didn't take long for the name calling...  Read More