Must I Keep My Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Functional?

TPMS Warning LightWhen shopping for new wheels and tires for your 2008 model-year or newer vehicle, you will have to address the tire pressure monitoring system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) and a handful of states have made the option of running without sensors a little more limited. This can become complicated and should be addressed directly with a Tire Rack sales specialist on the phone when placing your order. Before calling in your order or placing it on our site, you can read more about the different systems being deployed by the vehicle manufacturers in one of our tech articles.

The most direct approach to preventing the light (pictured above) from being displayed at all times, is to have new sensors installed with your wheel and tire order. The synchronization procedure varies wildly between vehicle manufacturers and even from model to model with the same manufacturer. This is another area where talking directly to a sales specialist can alleviate a lot of frustration.

Now that you're up to date on the latest information on TPMS systems, create your ideal Tire & Wheel Package to upgrade the performance and look of your vehicle.


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