Is the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus the Best All-Season Tire for Your Performance Car in Winter?

Many drivers struggle with finding an adequate tire for their performance vehicle. Finding good traction in the wet and dry, while maintaining reasonable levels of snow performance has been the holy grail for engineers to build and consumers to buy.

Tire Rack has been performing wet and dry testing, as well as our road rides for years. We've also been able to test in the snow and on the ice. While testing four Ultra High Performance All-Seasons (Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position, Continental ExtremeContact DWS, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus and Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season) in winter conditions, the Michelin posted the best acceleration in snow and on ice and tied for first in braking on the ice. This portion of the results were measured with traction control engaged. Interestingly, our testers preferred the Continental and Pirelli entries during the subjective portion, however they were run without the traction control engaged. 

Michelin Pilot Sport AS+
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
Pirelli PZero Nero All Season
Pirelli P Zero Nero
All Season
Continental ExtremeContact DWS
Continental ExtremeContact

If your vehicle has traction control and you leave it engaged during winter, then the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is the way to go. If you're driving without traction control, then my recommendation would be the Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season. I prefer the better responsiveness of the Pirelli over the Continental on wet and dry roads. Regrettably, while the RE970AS Pole Position was very good in our summer testing, it disappointed during the snow traction and handling portion. It felt rather slippery and proved much more challenging to get and keep moving around the course.

For a complete recap of our tests, take a look at "Testing Bridgestone's Potenza RE970AS Pole Position Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire."

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