What Are My Options with Run-Flat Tires?

Continental Tire ContiComfortKitMany drivers who have run-flat tires on their vehicle want to know if they can switch to a regular tire? While technically there is nothing preventing a non-run-flat tire from being mounted on the wheel, there is one thing you must consider before making the change. Most run-flat equipped vehicles do not have a spare tire. I highly recommend giving some thought to the course of action in the event you get a flat.

One option to consider is Continental Tire's ContiComfortKit. Developed to seal typical tire punctures making it possible for you to complete the drive home, to work or a tire repair facility, the ContiComfortKit is suitable for use with passenger car tires, including run-flat designs. The other option I hear customer opt for is carrying a full-size spare in the trunk to use in case of a blowout.

With more and more vehicles such as some Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Corvettes and minivan applications equipped with run-flat tires as Original Equipment, this issue affects more drivers on a daily basis. To gain a better understand of maintaining vehicle mobility after a puncture, read "Run Flat Tires."

Shop by vehicle to find the tire that works best for your vehicle.

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