What Comes with My Tire & Wheel Package?

Tire & Wheel PackageTire Rack loves to make your Tire & Wheel Package purchase as easy as possible. For starters, we provide a guaranteed fitment when your vehicle is equipped with a stock suspension and brake caliper and you shop by vehicle. You don't have to worry about bolt pattern, offset, backspace, etc. Unless noted under special notes, our fitments will be inside the wheelwell and won't rub. 

Additionally, when both tires and wheels are ordered together, we'll provide you with professional mounting and balancing. We use the best mounting equipment in the business, which includes a touchless and scratch free process. For balancing, we use the Hunter Road Force machines that apply a load during the balance cycle. This simulates the conditions the tire will operate under once installed on the vehicle versus just spinning in the air. 

Tire Rack does the mount and balance for free when purchasing a Tire & Wheel Package. We also provide all required hardware for a smooth and trouble free installation once the package arrives. This may include lug nuts or lug bolts if a different size or type is needed. We also supply a lug adapter if needed to interface the new lug with your factory wrench. Centering rings are used as a placeholder to correctly position the wheel on the hub of the vehicle. This results in a vibration free install. These rings, along with valve stems are also included at no additional cost.

What does all this mean? When you order a Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack, you can install it yourself with no worries. We take care of everything for you.

And since you'll need to install your new Tire & Wheel Package correctly, read "Tire & Wheel Package Installation."


Friday, November 14, 2014 by Gary Heyer

I am interested in purchasing a set of Michelin snow tires on wheels for my 2013 Honda Civic. When you say you have the TPMS sensors for every car, does that mean yours should function as received, or will dealer programming be required (at $48)?And, if programming is needed, would I need to be reprogrammed AGAIN, when I put the original tires and wheels back on in spring??

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