Hydroplaning Reduction and Resistance

A vehicle that unexpectedly hydroplanes can be one of the scariest things to happen while driving. Hydroplaning results when a tire or tires lose traction with the road. In effect, the tire is floating on water. While hydroplaning you lose steering control, acceleration and even braking. In fact, sudden changes made by the driver while hydroplaning can result in making the situation even worse.

Many of our customers request a tire with better hydroplaning resistance. A number of factors go into reducing the chance of this happening, most importantly slowing down when the road is wet. Tread depth plays a critical role as well. As you pass 4/32" of tread depth, wet traction will start to diminish.
Air Pressure vs Wet Performance
Another factor to consider is tire pressure, check out this tech article for more information.

Our consumer surveys include data on a tire's performance on wet roads and its hydroplaning resistance.

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