Hankook's Newest Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire: Ventus S1 noble2

Hankook Ventus noble2Hankook has started to release their latest entry into the Ultra High Performance All-Season category, the Ventus S1 noble2. Developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans, the tire is being released in a myriad of sizes and wheel diameters. This includes sizes between 16" and 20" diameters and widths ranging from 205mm up to 275mm. At the time of this post, many of the 16", 17" and 18" sizes are available, while the 19" and 20" options are expected to arrive at a later time.

Ventus S1 noble2 tires feature an asymmetric tread design pattern. The inside of the pattern is optimized for wet traction and wet traction channels were developed with 3D computer simulations for hydroplaning resistance. Asymmetric patterns can cause some questions for some customers due to the shape of their water channels, however this pattern allows for full tire rotation. For additional information, read "Are my Asymmetric Tires Running Backwards?"

The Hankook's outer edge focuses on cornering and noise reduction, while larger tread blocks and a solid rib provide stability under load. 3D vibration analysis technology was used to produce an advanced mold profile that delivers uniform contact pressure across the footprint to promote even wear and secure braking performance.

We plan on testing this tire during the summer months, so be on the look for those results.


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