General Grabber HTS - A Great Value for SUVs and Trucks

General Grabber HTSThe General Grabber HTS is a Highway All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and full-size vans looking for pleasant road manners and a long life while providing year-round traction.

Duragen technology is the use of ultra-strong steel belts with a microfiber casing. Combined with a broad tire contour that results in greater stability, the adaptive performance delivers exceptional traction, responsive handling and a steady ride. This is done through the use of Stabilink bars, where the system of connecting the tread elements enhances stability. Drivers will see the benefit in acceleration, cornering and confidence in their braking. The response grooves and hydro channels are specifically designed to eject water while also giving directional guidance, which is very useful when experiencing a hydroplaning situation.

The General Grabber HTS is not only about performance as it also delivers a fantastic ride. Noise capturing pockets provide a remarkably comfortable and quiet ride by absorbing high and low frequencies. In addition, impact suppression tread blocks provide a quiet, more comfortable ride by design. General's Eco-Ride technology reduces rolling resistance by 15% compared to other General tires, which ultimately saves you money on fuel. Take a look at what customers are saying about their experience with the General Grabber HTS:

"These HTS tires are the best tires I have put on any of the SUVs I've owned. They wear evenly, get great fuel mileage and are great in any weather condition. In the dry, I am not afraid to take a corner and on the gravel roads that I travel every day, they just won't fish tail like my previous set of tires." -- Tire Rack Consumer, 2000 Ford Expedition

"I recently purchased the Grabber HTS tires for my Honda Pilot and immediately saw an increase in ride comfort, noise and traction over the O.E. tires. I would definitely recommend these tires for the price, road comfort, traction and road noise." -- Tire Rack Consumer, 2009 Honda Pilot

The Grabber HTS has been one of the top-rated tires by our customers for years. View Tire Survey Results here

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