Enkei is Replaying the Classics

Enkei Wheels is reviving a couple classics from years gone by.

Enkei Classic Series Enkei92 Wheels
Enkei92 Black w/Machined Lip
The Enkei92 wheel in gold, silver and machined is a throw back to the hey day of import tuners. It has the deep lip and old school mesh and is available in 15x7 with wheel offset of +38 and 15x8 with wheel offset of +25 offset in bolt patterns to fit popular imports.

Enkei Classic Series J-Speed Wheels
The J-Speed wheel is truly a classic and timeless design. Fitments are available in 15x7 or 15x8 with a 4-100 bolt pattern. Wheel Offset range from 25 to 38.

Check out these classics when looking for your next wheels and tire package.

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