Continental's Top-Rated Max Performance Summer Tire

Continental ExtremeContact DWContinental has fine tuned the ExtremeContact DW specifically for the North American market. Designed to meet the demands of today's high performance coupes and sedans, you will find it meets the expectations of the most aggressive driving. Higher levels of wet and dry traction, enhanced braking forces and higher hydroplaning resistance are all packaged together, satisfying the need for speed urges. Improved ride quality, longer wear, lower rolling resistance and attractive pricing all appeal to the more practical side of the brain.

The DW has many design features that provide different benefits. There are stabilized longitudinal tread grooves to give a reduction in tread deformation during braking. Structured groove walls increase stability at all speeds including high-speed performance driving. The solid outer shoulder and chamfered tread blocks improve dry road performance. It also has open longitudinal grooves and a high void-to-tread ratio delivering more water evacuation for outstanding hydroplaning resistance and wet handling. Dynamic temperature distribution works to reduce rolling resistance and improve treadlife.

And finally, visible performance indicators tell you when performance levels will be diminished as the tire wears. There is a 'D' and a 'W' molded into the tread. The D is for dry traction and is visible until 2/32" of tread depth. The W is the wet traction indicator and disappears at 4/32".

Continental also includes a great warranty package. There is a 60-day customer satisfaction program, up to 12 months of road hazard protection and a 72-month workmanship warranty.

Sizes include fitments for sport coupes and sedans such as Mercedes-Benz, Chevy Corvette, Porsche, Audi R8 and many others. Take a look at our Tire Survey Results, as the Continental ExtremeContact DW is currently the top-rated tire in the Max Performance Summer category.

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