Checking Tire Air Pressure is the Easiest Way to Maximize Your Tire's Life

The air pressure in your tires is critical to their maintenance. Tires cost hundreds of dollars, so spending a few minutes every month is a small price to pay to maximize the return on your investment. 

What are the benefits of checking your tire's air pressure? In the case of an underinflated situation, the tire can experience uneven wear on both shoulders. Additionally, fuel economy, cornering and braking are all adversely affected. In severe situations, you can even have a tire failure or blowout. When a tire is overinflated, uneven wear is still likely, but this occurs towards the center of the tire. Overinflation also results in a stiffer ride and smaller contact patch. The smaller contact patch will diminish the traction and cornering capability of the tire.

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Ready to check your tire's pressure? Make sure you have an adequate tread depth gauge or find one here.

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