Buying Winter / Snow Tires and Wheels Can Save You Money

There is no question a dedicated winter / snow tire dramatically increases your vehicle's traction in snow and on ice. While it can be an investment to equip your vehicle with a winter set-up, it by no mean leads to a higher cost of ownership.

First, two sets of tires will reduce the frequency of replacement since the mileage is divided amongst the sets of tires. To further lower costs, a Tire & Wheel Package will eliminate the need to pay an installer to mount and balance your tires with each change. To properly install your investments, read "How to Install Your Tire & Wheel Package." It only takes minutes to install your tire and wheels, so not only do you save money by doing the work yourself, it's extremely convenient to do the work in your own garage.

With the purchase of a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package, you will receive the following at no additional charge:

  • Free scratchless mounting
  • Free Hunter Road Force balancing using non-lead weights
  • All necessary hardware (lugs, center caps, centering lugs, etc.) per application
  • TPMS sensors that are purchased as part of the package are installed free of charge as well

When the weather changes, be ready with a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package.

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