Bridgestone Ecopia Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Many tire companies have been working to improve fuel economy with their tires. In 2010, Bridgestone launched two new tires aimed at protecting the environment through the reduction of fuel consumption. 

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Low Rolling Resistance TireOne is the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 is a passenger vehicle replacement tire that has all-season capability. Fuel efficiency is improved by lowering the rolling resistance without sacrifing wet traction or tread life.

Bridgestone employs NanoProTech to maintain wet traction and tread life while also decreasing rolling resistance. This allows the Ecopia EP422 to control the interactions of the various materials in the rubber compound on a molecular level. The tread compound has increased flexibility through the use of silica thereby improving wet traction. They use proprietary polymer technology to increase tread life. A unique sidewall compound lowers rolling resistance by dispersing excess energy within the tire rather than generating heat.

They are manufactured using non-aromatic oils that are an environmentally friendlier option to traditional manufacturing methods.

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