Blizzak WS70:The New Standard in Ice and Snow Winter Tires

The new Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 with UNI-T is a winter / snow tire designed to perform in all winter conditions -- ice, snow, slush and dry. By using an elongated footprint, the Blizzak WS70 optimizes tread width for improved snow and slush performance. Adding a fourth main groove improves drainage through the center of the tire for better slush performance. The 3D Zigzag Sipes are still present for ice, dry, and wet performance. This enhances the WS70's contact area and block stiffness.

The Blizzak WS70 also features a unique multi-cell compound containing millions of microscopic tubes and bubbles. The tubes are the same size as the WS-60 which is an increase of 50% over previous generations. There is a higher concentration of the tubes in the compound on the new tire. Combining this with bite particles embedded in the rubber helps maintain traction on icy roads. In addition, the bubbles help "absorb" the thin layer of water often present on ice.

Combining all of these features results in Bridgstone Blizzak tires that continue to lead the way on the trickiest traction

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