G-Force with BFGoodrich

I receBF Goodricj G-force KW2ntly returned from the Miller Motorsports Park in Utah where I drove Ford Mustangs on BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2. The Mustangs were surprisingly adept on the two road courses that I drove during the 2-day school. The BFGoodrich tires held up way beyond expectations considering the 250+ miles of hard track time they were subjected to. The responsiveness and feedback were fantastic. When approaching the limits of traction, I felt very confident that I would not lose control. This was due to the feedback, both audibly and through the steering wheel, indicating the amount of traction that remained. Based on the fact that none of the 13 people at the school put a car completely off track is an additional testament to this good feedback from the tires. Thanks to the Miller Motorsports Park staff for a safe and professionally run training event. Also, a huge thanks goes out to James, Jeff and the rest of the BFGoodrich crew for a great time and great products.

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