Better Fuel Economy for your Truck and SUV

Big Ole TruckGas prices go up and down and back up again. As the proud owner of a big truck, there are a few options available for improving my vehicle's fuel economy? One approach is go to a lower performance category. Lower traction levels means the tire will roll easier and use less fuel. Review Tire Test Results to see how a different performance category can affect your vehicle's performance. When comparing the typical performance oriented tire (Street/Sport Truck All-Season) vs. the typical ride-focused tire (Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season), we noticed on average a 1/2 mile per gallon improvement with the ride-focused tires.

Tire manufacturers are also on the lookout for ways to lower the rolling resistance of the tires. Less resistance = less fuel. These tires will carry names like Fuel Max from Goodyear or Ecopia from Bridgestone. Michelin uses the Green-X designator for their low rolling resistance options.

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