Best Tire for Honda Odyssey

Finding the best tire for a vehicle is the holy grail of tire shopping. While there is no single guaranteed solution for everyone, there are some tires that do rise to the top after looking at test data and customer feedback. In the case of the Honda Odyssey using tire size 235/65R16, there seems to be a clear winner in the Continental TrueContact. This 80,000-mile treadlife tire delivers outstanding snow traction, won our comparison test in wet, dry and road handling and is currently ranked number one by customers in our surveys and reviews.  

Don't just take our word for it, see what Odyssey drivers are saying about their experience with the tire.  

"Traction, quietness, comfort, directional response, enhancement, smoothness, and you name it!  This is the most remarkable tire I have owned!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2011 Honda Odyssey

"Excellent tires for my 2007 Odyssey. Moved from Hankook to Continental. Night and day difference. Very smooth, comfortable ride and planted feel." --Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2007 Honda Odyssey

Also be sure to check out both our wet, dry and road ride test , as well as our winter test results for the Continental TrueContact.

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