Best Tire Choices for the Subaru Outback

Introduced in 1994, the Outback has become a favorite among people looking for utility in both space and capability. While the Subaru all-wheel drive system is revered, especially in utilizing the available grip in snow, that grip is still ultimately limited by the tires. For more insight on this, be sure to check out "I Have Anti-Lock Brakes and Traction Control, Do I Need Winter / Snow Tires?" That leads us to the question, "What tire will give the best grip so my Subaru Outback can take get me going?"

Keep in mind there are a number of different size options used on the Outback over the years. Always check the size of your current tire to make sure the correct size arrives once you order.

Continental TrueContact
Continental TrueContact
General AltiMax RT43
General AltiMAX RT43
Michelin Premier A/S
Michelin Premier A/S

215/70R16 is one of two of the most common sizes found on the newer Outbacks. Unfortunately, there not many top-rated choices in this size. We have a great alternative size of 225/65R16, which is about .4" wider and .3" shorter than the original size. We will be using this size for our recommendations. 

  • Continental TrueContact  - The tire offers a 90,000-mile tread life warranty, good wet, dry and snow traction.
  • General AltiMAX RT43  - A great bang-for-the-buck tire that does surprisingly well in the snow. It also comes with a 65,000-mile treadlife warranty, 
  • Michelin Premier A/S - Great wet traction that is maintained over the life of the tire better than the competition. It also provides very good snow traction for an all-season tire.

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