2013 Infiniti JX35 Winter Solution

The 2013 Infiniti JX35 is a midsize SUV that's being offered with two different tire and wheel combinations. You can choose the 18" wheel and 235/35R18 tires or decide to go with the 20" package sporting 235/55R20 tires.

There are ample options for this vehicle if you have the 18" wheels and want to build a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package. However, if you're looking for winter tires to use with the existing 20" wheels we'll have to get a bit more creative. In the stock size of 235/55R20, none of the manufacturers offer a dedicated winter / snow tire. You can opt into a 245/50R20 that'll be about .4" wider and .6" shorter, or a 255/50R20 that is .8" wider and about .2" shorter than the original size. There are dedicated winter solutions available in both of these sizes that will fit on the factory wheels. While both sizes are wider and not ideal to maximize winter traction, they do fill the gap for drivers to purchase a dedicated winter solution.  

While Minus Sizing isn't an option, a set of winter/snow tires will perform better in winter's harshest conditions compared to an all-season option. After installing your new set of winter tires, drivers should recognize that the personality and handling traits will feel different than the tires they're replacing. Since snow tires provide more traction in snow and on ice, extra care is needed by drivers to familiarize themselves with their vehicle's traction and handling characteristics. To learn more about what to do with your new set of winter / snow tires, read "Breaking In New Winter Tires."

Shop by size to view 20" tire options for your Infiniti JX35.

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