What Type of Winter / Snow Tire is Best for Me?

Tire StackI know I need winter tires, but what kind is best for me? You basically have three categories from which to choose. Let's start with understanding the conditions in which you drive.
  1. You live in the city. You drive from one parking garage to another, but it gets very cold and you have occasional winter weather. You have a performance vehicle.
  2. You live in the suburbs and work in the city. You have a cul-de-sac that never gets plowed along with quite a few stop lights and turns. It does get icy occasionally.
  3. You drive on mostly groomed roads and just for your daily commute or to get groceries. Nothing aggressive; and the weather doesn't usually get too icy.
If you are a 1, Performance Winter / Snow tires are for you. They will keep the performance feel in your sports car in an aggressive type of situation. 

If you are a 2, you are most likely heading to a Studless Ice and Snow tire. It will give you extra grip on hard-packed snow and ice.

If you are a 3, you are fine with a Studdable Winter / Snow tire, studded or not. Performance isn't an issue, and neither is the ice, so you can go with this more budget-oriented option.

Want to learn more about snow tires? Watch some of our videos to see how tires differ in winter conditions! Then search by vehicle to see what is available.

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