What is the best way to prevent steering wheel shake?

Always try the easiest thing first!

You are going to need a few tools:A wire brush and cordless drill help, along with some anti-seize lube.
  1. Jack up the car and put jack stands under frame or proper location.
  2. Clean the back of your wheel pad where it contacts the hub (wire attachment for cordless drill easiest!).
  3. Clean the hub/rotor surface (cordless drill works here, too!).
  4. Put a small dab of lube on the face of the wheel pad.
  5. Torque the lugs with the car in the air (not on the ground).  Torque in a star pattern and try a 3-step process for best ride.
Many customers have complained of pedal pulse on brakes. Complaints of a slight shimmy in the steering wheel come up occasionally. Stories of a slight vibration in the car are not uncommon. All of these things can be caused by improperly torqued lugs on your vehicle! Don't be too fast to blame the Centric brake rotors, the Kumho tires or the Road Force balancer used at the shop. It could have easily been a careless shop tech or even yourself that improperly put the wheels back on the vehicle.

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