Tire Testing at TIRE RACK!

Curious how we come to our conclusions?

Tire Testing Videos
At Tire Rack we love to test tires. From the Max Performance Summer tires like the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 to the Continental ExtremeContact DW tires, we put the tires to the limits at our own test facility. 
The sheer performance on the track is not our only concern however; we take them on the roads that both Indiana and its rough winters have blessed us with. We are always looking for any advantage and positive one tire has over another so that we can give you the very best recommendations. Check out the tools we give you to search our test results, consumer surveys and consumer reviews!

If you're not sure what tires are best for you after you read our test results, surveys and reviews, Tire Rack's team of specialists can point you in the right direction.

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