Summer tires vs all-season tires. What to pick?

So you bought that BMW 335i and never once thought about the round black pieces of rubber that wrapped those pretty wheels. You didn't even get 20 thousand miles! That was disappointing.

It's time to evaluate what the right tires are. The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Max Performance Summer tires grip well, but you are parking garage to parking garage in downtown New York and barely ever see speeds over 45 miles an hour. Why buy the tire with the most grip and high performance levels with only 15-20k in treadlife? In this case, it probably doesn’t make sense.

There is a better way to determine which tires are for you.
  1. How hard do I drive?  If you drive like you stole it, then check A, otherwise check B.
  2. How many miles do you drive? If it is less than 12,000 a year check A, otherwise check B.
  3. How cold does it get where I drive? Greater than 45, check A, otherwise check B.
If you have more As than Bs, summer tires could be a good option. If you are still in the dark, give us a call and we can help break it down even further.

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