Winter tires with all-seasons mismatched. Is it safe?

I just participated in a mismatch test with winter tires on the rear of a BMW 328i and it was eye-opening. A test was set up on our test track to see how all-season Michelins (Michelin HydroEdge) on front with Dunlops (Dunlop Graspic DS-3) on rear would handle in an emergency maneuver.The cars with all four all-seasons or winters both handle similar through...  Read More

What to do in the winter if you start to drift?

I have been talking to alot of drivers about tires, contact patch and controlling a slide. Of course, during the winter is when this is most likely, so I thought that I would provide a few tips on how to keep the car under control if you start to have the rear slide out.Option 1: Brake.What will happen? More than likely if you brake, you will spin. All...  Read More

What is the best way to prevent steering wheel shake?

Always try the easiest thing first! You are going to need a few tools: Torque Wrench Floor Jack Jack Stands A wire brush and cordless drill help, along with some anti-seize lube. Jack up the car and put jack stands under frame or proper location. Clean the back of your wheel pad where it contacts the hub (wire attachment for cordless drill easiest!). Clean...  Read More

Does your steering wheel shake?

My dad called last night and said, "your mom's car is shaking again..." He immediately thought that the Goodyear Assurance TripleTread tires that were approaching 50,000 miles must be getting old. Back Story: She just had suspension work done. She had her struts and shocks replaced, a front half shaft, front wheel bearing and THEN an alignment. I, of course,...  Read More

Two new tires -- on the front or rear?

This question comes up almost every day, and as winter approaches, it comes up even more.Yes, mounting two new tires on the rear of your car truly is counter-intuitive. If you never turn a corner at speeds over 5 mph your best tires could go on front. But since most of us turn, have on/off ramps and sweeping corners in our commutes, when replacing two tires...  Read More

Why go with Studless Ice and Snow tires?

These questions face lots of people each fall: Which tire should I choose for winter? Can I go with the least expensive winter tire? Do I need a performance winter? Should I go with studs or not? First, let's agree that the best Studless Ice and Snow tire outperforms studded tires on sheer ice. Read these test results: Studless vs. StuddedNext, le'ts talk about...  Read More

Winter Tires for Your Ford Focus!

When purchasing winter / snow tires for your '00-'04 Ford Focus, you have the opportunity to downsize to a 14" package with steel wheels available. For the '05-'10 Ford Focus, downsizing to 15" is best. NOTE: The SVTs follow a different set of rules, 16" minimum for them. My pick for the best grip in the worst conditions in 185/65R14 would be the Bridgestone...  Read More

Are my winter tires good enough for one more season?

Taking a look at tread depth with the naked eye can be a bit misleading. How much tread depth do I need to make it through another season? The depth of the tread is directly proportional to the traction you will achieve in rain, slush and snow. Knowing that, what are the thresholds?if you are at 8/32nds you have at least one more GOOD winter left. You should...  Read More

What makes a Blizzak WS70 winter tire work?

The Blizzak Studless Ice and Snow tire line has been synonymous with ICE traction. Why do some tires do better on ICE than others? There are three things that make a tire work on any given surface: Tread Design Void Area Tread Compound  Compare the Firestone Winterforce tire to the Blizzak WS70. A great tread design. Check. A void area consistent with winter...  Read More

What Type of Winter / Snow Tire is Best for Me?

I know I need winter tires, but what kind is best for me? You basically have three categories from which to choose. Let's start with understanding the conditions in which you drive.You live in the city. You drive from one parking garage to another, but it gets very cold and you have occasional winter weather. You have a performance vehicle. You live in the...  Read More

Best Ford Mustang GT500 Tires!

Are looking for an alternative to your Original Equipment Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires? Many customers that have had that tire have looked for an alternative. The problem is, with the 255/45R18 and the 285/40R18 stagger, not many options are available! In this case, the Continental ExtremeContact DW is available, and a great option! In our tire testing w...  Read More

Are the General Exclaim UHP tires for me?

The General Tire Exclaim UHP is a great budget tire that performs admirably in the wet. Being a summer tire, it should never be driven in freezing, wintery conditions and its treadlife only lasts 15-25K miles. Because of these inherent features found in Ultra High Performance Summer tires like the Exclaim UHP, it is very important to examine tire categories...  Read More

Are Tire Rack tires for you?

Yes they are! The price is right! We have some of the most competitive prices in the industry! What's my motivation? Our first priority is that you get a GOOD tire, not a specific brand’s tire! We KNOW tires! Our Performance Test Track Drives, Real World Road Rides and classroom training make us industry experts. That leads to good, honest and unbiased advice. An...  Read More

I need some custom wheels. What do I need to know?

You don’t want to look like anyone else, but you have a classic car and no one has been able to tell you what wheels will fit. What information can you provide your Tire Rack sales specialist so he can help you find a wheel that will be the perfect fit? 1. Bolt pattern. You can’t just say, “It’s a Ford.” You need to know the EXACT bolt pattern.2. Backspace...  Read More

Super Fast Shipping!

You are driving your 2008 Chevy Corvette across the country and you are just past the border of Louisiana and Texas in a small town. . . a tumbleweed distracts you and you don't notice a huge pothole, BAM!Now you are stuck at a Sunoco with no front or rear right tires and are being quoted two to three days or $350 in freight to get a tire through their...  Read More

Summer tires vs all-season tires. What to pick?

So you bought that BMW 335i and never once thought about the round black pieces of rubber that wrapped those pretty wheels. You didn't even get 20 thousand miles! That was disappointing. It's time to evaluate what the right tires are. The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Max Performance Summer tires grip well, but you are parking garage to parking garage in downtown...  Read More

Get your Continental ExtremeContact DWS ordered ASAP!

So you were waiting out the Continental ExtremeContact DWS until you could order it and have it ship same day? We can help for 62 of the 81 sizes produced. There are 18 sizes for which Continental does not yet have firm availability dates. They are working hard to increase their capacity for this very popular tire. Today I received an ETA on a Continental...  Read More

Can I wait out the BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires?

You have a beautiful classic car and have successfully devastated its rear tires in a fit of JOY and high-octane fuel burning manifestation otherwise known as a burnout.  What you didn't see coming was a massive backorder on rear tires that you have been sporting on your classic for years. Bye, bye BFGoodrich Radial T/A. What are your options? 1: Wait.2:...  Read More

Is the Goodyear Supercar EMT worth the backorder wait for my Corvette?

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar EMT for your late model 2006-2010 Chevy Corvette is on backorder. What to do? Your rear tires are as bald as Mr. Clean and you hydroplane in the morning dew. I would suggest going to the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP.  This is the first Max Performance Summer tire with great reviews AND is a run-flat. You are looking at about a...  Read More

Best performance all-season tire in the RAIN!

Do you know this phrase by heart? "April showers bring May flowers." Do you live in Florida or the Gulf coast and have the daily afternoon 1/2-hour downpour? Then looking at the rain traction of your tire is very important! In early June I had the opportunity to drive on four High Performance All-Season tires and critique the wet traction.  What I found was...  Read More